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Moorings - General InformationYou're the Skipper, You're Responsible

Moorings are used to secure a vessel in a particular location.  Types of moorings, their use and colour are as follows:

Type Buoy colour Purpose
Private mooring Generally Yellow Licence permits you to moor your vessel on navigable waters and is renewable annually. A mooring licence is not a lease of the seabed and there is no guarantee of tenure.
Commercial/Club mooring Generally Orange Licence issued to a business entity trading to provide marine type services to the boating public.
For further information contact your local Maritime office
Emergency mooring Blue Used by Maritime or Water Police to store vessels in emergency situations.
Courtesy mooring Pink Freely available for use by the general boating public on a 24hr basis.

A mooring licence is required for 1 & 2 above. Application for a mooring licence is made to an office of Maritime.

Note that only approved vessels are able to secure to a private, commercial/club  or emergency mooring.  Penalties apply for non-compliance. 


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