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Marine Teachers NSW

Marine Teachers NSW members with school students

Marine Teachers Association of NSW members are supporting NSW Maritime in promoting lifejacket awareness to high school students statewide.

The Marine Teachers Association (MTA) has some 120 member teachers spread across NSW teaching the Marine Studies component of the high school curriculum, reaching out to 8000 students each year.

Ballina High School teacher Mick O'Conner who was also President of the MTA approached NSW Maritime to seek support in 2007 for an annual conference being staged for marine teachers.

NSW Maritime realised the value in building a stronger partnership with MTA in safety education and training.

In March 2008, NSW Maritime announced an agreement with the MTA for NSW Maritime to recognise the Marine Studies course taught through NSW high schools as appropriate to attain a licence to drive a powerboat.

The high school course incorporates NSW Maritime's Safe Boating Course which is compulsory for all those wishing to sit for a boat driver's licence test.

Under the agreement, marine teachers in more than 120 NSW High Schools are able to provide the Marine Studies course to students from years 7 to 12.

Since that time, NSW Maritime has continued to build the partnership with the association in a bid to promote safe and responsible boating to future generations.

This partnership has resulted in the following:

  • Support for Menai High School, in tandem with the Boating Industry Association, in securing a new trailer boat used for the Marine Studies program that reaches out to schools in the Sutherland district of southern Sydney
  • Assisted the association since 2009 to participate at the Sydney International Boat Show on the Marine Safety Precinct
  • Delivered more than 400 promotional lifejackets to the association and its membership in NSW as a safety gesture
  • Supported Marine Teacher Association conferences
  • Supported the establishment of a safe boating component within a new Marine Studies educational centre at Ballina High School.

Future partnership projects being developed include:

  • Collaboration on a student video project on the theme of lifejackets to be incorporated into the Marine Studies program in early 2012
  • Support for and attendance at, the 2012 Marine Teachers Association annual conference to promote safe boating.