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Location of Pumpout Facilities across NSW

The following table is provided as a guide to vessel sewage disposal facilities within New South Wales and includes information on toilet availability at these locations.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained therein, vessel operators are advised to make their own inquiries if in any doubt or if visiting an unfamiliar area. Additional pump-outs are likely to become available within the region, and arrangements (including public access and hours of availability) for existing facilities are subject to change. Facilities listed as being for “members only” may be available to members of affiliated clubs.

Where pumpouts are operated by the customer, it is important to use the facilities according to the directions given at the location to avoid damaging equipment and navigate your vessel with care to avoid damaging pumpout hoses.

Please report any difficulties, faults or vandalism to the owner of the pumpout facility.

Please click on the name of the region to bring up a list of the Pumpout facilities for that region.


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