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Our mission is to provide safe waterways and support for the maritime community.


Organisational Structure

Note: On 15 July 2011, the Minister for Roads and Ports Duncan Gay MLC and the Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian MP announced the establishment of a new agency, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Upon establishment of RMS the Maritime Authority of NSW will be abolished and its functions, property and other assets transferred to the new agency.

NSW Maritime Organisational Chart


Steve Dunn
Steve Dunn — BSc Hons (Plymouth), MMgt (Macquarie)

Chief Executive (until August 2011)

Steve Dunn was appointed as Chief Executive in July 2008 after joining NSW Maritime in August 2007 as the Deputy Chief Executive.

He joined the NSW public sector in 1991 as a Fisheries Officer with the Department of Fisheries and Agriculture and then held a number of senior management positions in the Australian public sector. These positions included Director of Victorian Fisheries, Director General of NSW Fisheries, and Executive Director in the Department of Natural Resources.

As well as implementing major fishing industry reforms, he was a member of the board of the NSW Marine Parks Authority and played a lead role in the introduction of both the Solitary Islands and Jervis Bay Marine Parks. He is a past Chair of the National Fisheries Compliance Committee and was the inaugural Chair of the Australian Fisheries Management Forum.

From 2004 to 2006 he held a diplomatic posting as Deputy Director General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) based in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

He is a keen fly fisher, a scuba diving instructor, and holds a commercial vessel Coxswain's certificate of competency.

Tony Middleton
Tony Middleton — BA Hons (London), MPP (Deakin)

Deputy Chief Executive

Tony Middleton was appointed as Deputy Chief Executive in January 2009. He has responsibility for the Ports and Shipping Division, the Maritime Investigation Unit and the Maritime Property Strategic Development Unit. He has been with NSW Maritime since December 2004.

His previous roles were Director, Marine Safety Victoria; General Manager Policy and Planning at NSW Waterways Authority; and in the NSW Department of Transport with responsibility for taxi and hire car regulation.

His responsibilities include port policy; shipping safety; management of the regional ports of Eden and Yamba; marine environmental policy for shipping; pollution response; maritime incident investigation; intergovernmental relations; and oversight of the strategic development of NSW Maritime land, adjoining the main harbours of NSW, for maritime purposes.

Tony has considerable knowledge of ports and maritime issues, particularly in relation to safety, environmental policy and regulatory activities. He has extensive experience in maritime-related intergovernmental issues through past membership of the National Marine Safety Committee and other national maritime policy and environmental committees.

Howard Glenn
Howard Glenn

General Manager Maritime Operations

Howard Glenn leads the Maritime Operations Division, which is responsible for promoting safe boating throughout New South Wales, together with programs for improving access to and navigation on the State's waterways. Since joining NSW Maritime in 2008, he has had a wide range of responsibilities. These have involved legislative and policy reform, managing commercial vessel safety programs, and finalising arrangements for the Sydney Harbour commuter wharves upgrade program.

Immediately prior to coming to NSW Maritime, Howard managed the vehicle registration business of the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, and introduced substantial business and legislative reforms that allowed for a major increase in transactions that could be completed online.

Howard has held several other executive roles with the NSW and Commonwealth governments specialising in bringing business, government and the community sector together to cooperate on complex policy and program reforms. This has included the establishment of the reconciliation process, the modernisation of Australia Day celebrations and awards, and a range of other human rights and social policy initiatives.

Melinda McCabe
Melinda McCabe – MPP (Sydney)

General Manager Policy, Risk and Governance

Melinda McCabe was appointed General Manager, Policy, Risk and Governance in 2010. She is responsible for the development of NSW Maritime's strategic policy, the governance framework, and risk management activities.

Her division also has responsibility for NSW Maritime's communication and education program, its corporate planning functions, the provision of legal advice, and preparation of Ministerial and Chief Executive correspondence.

A key responsibility is to deliver the three-year $3 million Boating Safety Communications and Education Plan. This plan has the over arching theme of You're the Skipper – You're Responsible and is delivering safety education programs in support of statewide safety awareness compliance.

In addition, the Division oversees all matter relating to Ministerial correspondence, issues management, media activities and development of strategic safety partnerships.

Melinda joined NSW Maritime in 2008 in the Property Division as Manager, Business Support and Policy and prior to becoming General Manager she held the role of Executive Director, Governance and Risk. Melinda has also held roles at the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Office of State Revenue.

Brian Stanwell
Brian Stanwell – CPA

General Manager Corporate Services

Brian Stanwell was appointed General Manager Corporate Services in November 2004 and is responsible for finance, human resources, information technology, asset management, records management and internal audit. He is also the Chief Audit Executive and reports to the Audit and Risk Committee on matters arising from internal and external audits.

He joined the Finance Branch of the former Maritime Services Board in 1980, where he held a number of senior accounting and finance positions.

NSW Maritime is non-budget dependent, so a key responsibility is managing its financial obligations to retain its self-funding status and provide an annual operating distribution to NSW Treasury. A major accomplishment during the year was the Maritime Authority of NSW Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013, which defines the working arrangements for NSW Maritime staff.

His other responsibilities include managing NSW Maritime's minor capital program that provides the working assets such as cars, boats, computers and office equipment to the organisation; preparing forward estimates and reporting to NSW Treasury on NSW Maritime's financial performance; introducing new information technologies; and providing safe storage for the organisation's vast collection of documents and records.

Michael Wright
Michael Wright – BA (Sydney), BComm (UNSW)

General Manager Maritime Property, Planning and Infrastructure

Michael Wright joined NSW Maritime in January 2011. As General Manager, Maritime Property, Planning and Infrastructure, he leads NSW Maritime's commercial, corporate, domestic and community property leasing, licensing and management programs; directs the organisation's involvement in land use planning matters, particularly for developments on Sydney Harbour; and oversees the delivery of the Sydney Harbour commuter wharves upgrade program.

He has over 20 years of senior managerial and executive level experience. This includes five years with The Cabinet Office leading and coordinating natural resource management and environmental planning matters; five years managing a policy division and four years as Director, Policy and Science with the National Parks and Wildlife Service; and seven years as Director, Reserve and Wildlife Conservation and Director, Protected Areas Policy and Programs with the Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water.

Some of his achievements include working to resolve conflict around the use of public forests, dealing with conservation and fishing interests to deliver marine conservation and sustainable commercial and recreational fishing outcomes, growing the area covered by the NSW national parks system by more than 50 per cent, and establishing a pioneering legislative framework for Aboriginal involvement in park management.

Corporate structure

NSW Maritime is a statutory body classified by NSW Treasury as a non‑budget dependent general government agency. NSW Maritime is a self-funding entity.

The Chief Executive is responsible and accountable to the NSW Minister for Roads and Ports for NSW Maritime's overall performance and for ensuring performance is consistent with legislative compliance and best-practice principles.

Strategic direction and operational management is the responsibility of an Executive Management Committee (EMC) consisting of the Chief Executive, the Deputy Chief Executive, four General Managers, the Executive Director, Strategic Development, Manager Communications and Manager, Office of the Chief Executive.

The EMC plays a key role in the delivery of the NSW Maritime governance framework. It supports the decision‑making process by providing a discussion and evaluation forum; in some instances, it provides formal advice and decision-making. The EMC develops and reviews the framework and plays a lead role by:

  • Shaping NSW Maritime's strategic direction
  • Administering an overarching framework of internal policies and procedures
  • Monitoring operational management
  • Focusing on risk and NSW Maritime's response to events
  • Ensuring accountability for NSW Maritime's activities and actions.

Advisory bodies and committees also provide advice to the EMC.

Statutory framework

During 2010-2011, the Maritime Authority of NSW, trading as NSW Maritime, administered (either wholly or partly) or operated under the following legislation:

Commercial Vessels Act 1979
Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
Marine Pilotage Licensing Act 1971
Marine Pollution Act 1987
Marine Safety Act 1998
Marine Safety Legislation (Lakes Hume and Mulwala) Act 2001
Maritime Services Act 1935
Navigation Act 1901
Passenger Transport Act 1990
Ports and Maritime Administration Act 1995
Protection of the Environment (Operations) Act 1997
Transport Administration Act 1988.