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Boating Knowledge Quiz


The questions in this online quiz are taken from the pool of questions used in the actual boating licence test. However this quiz should be used as a guide only.

  1. Select the number of questions you wish to complete in this quiz. Choose either 20, 30 or 40 questions. Then click on the Right Arrow to move into the quiz.
  2. In Part A of each quiz all questions must be answered correctly.
  3. In Part B you are allowed 3 incorrect answers if you selected 20, 4 incorrect if you selected 30 and 5 incorrect answers if you selected 40 questions. If you get a question wrong you may continue but the correct answer will be shown.
  4. At the end of the quiz you will have the option to review the section of the Boating Safety Handbook in which your answers were incorrect.

Boating Knowledge Quiz - Launch now

When it comes to Assisting Other Vessels in Need

Australia has signed up to a number of international treaties including the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) which requires that the master of a vessel at sea must provide assistance to a stricken vessel when they receive a distress signal. Additionally, Section 265 of the Commonwealth Navigation Act 1912 requires a master to assist a stricken vessel on any tidal waters. Section 98 of the Marine SafetyAct 1998 requires the master of a vessel involved in a marine incident to give assistance to any injured person or damaged vessel involved in the incident.

However when responding in any such emergency, the master is required to ensure they do not place themselves, their passengers or own vessel in danger. Also be aware that the Civil Liability Act 2002 provides protection against liability for “good samaritans” in emergency situations.

Depending on the situation, providing assistance in an emergency may simply mean calling 000 or the local Marine Rescue NSW unit and/or staying with the vessel or person until professional assistance arrives.

Don’t forget, you could be the one who requires help next time!

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